Sacred Tree Habitat

Sacred Tree Habitat
A Multimedia Installation by Justin Freed
at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

A show about reverence, awe, and healing, it reveals Freed’s lifetime preoccupation with water and trees.

View – Artist Profile: Justin Freed by Amanda Hertzog

“What’s this about trees? Aesthetically and viscerally I’m crazy about trees: talking trees, walking trees, flowering trees, exotic trees, snake trees, womb trees, tree roots, trees in water, parchment trees, elephant trees and the fallen trees that evoke my ancestor’s bones and mine to come. Everything is connected. I think the keyword is sacred.”
-Justin Freed


For this exhibition, the gallery was converted to a semi-black box theater, with a narrative about the variety and life and death of trees projected on several theater scrims on the walls and ceiling. A soundtrack including work by Grammy award-winning composer Maria Schneider, hundreds of photographs, videos, small sculptural tree forms, and prints of trees on metal will completed the setting.

Multimedia artist Justin Freed, 82, has been a photographer for 65 years and videographer for 25 years. His work includes nature photography, editorial, documentary, drawing, sculpture, and digital work. Exploring the intersection of art and healing, Sacred Tree Habitat follows his November 2015 installation Water Refuge, described as “…beautiful, calming, unifying, affirming…elevates the heart and soothes the spirit.” Sacred Tree Habitat sums up a lifetime of work in an aesthetic statement and promises to provide a similar immersive and meditative experience.