Rhythms of the Universe

An exhibition by Claudine Bing and Justin Freed 
at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA November 1-30 2014

In conversation about their exhibit, Rhythms of the Universe

Claudine: My thoughts are about creation and chaos.
Justin: Awe sustains us. I believe in cellular memory.
CB: As an artist, I study Astrophysics to understand myself.
JF: I look for nature‚Äôs alphabet.
CB: I feel the contrast between the power of the cosmos and myself.
JF: I want to tune in to the beat of the universe.

Exhibition Video:
A documentary video of the exhibition as installed at Galatea Fine Art.

Artist Talk Video:
Claudine Bing and Justin Freed discuss their work.

Greer Island Photos:
A selection of photos  by Justin Freed used in the exhibition.

We cannot display this gallery

A video using filmed paintings by Claudine Bing.
Conceived by Justin Freed, included in the exhibition.
Video Soundscape by Max Alper. Edited by James Manning.

Video filmed by Justin Freed, included in the exhibition.
Edited by James Manning.


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