Greer Island

For two decades I have been drawn to this wild place at the end of a barrier island near Sarasota, Florida.
I have been documenting its changes during that time.
It is place of fallen trees, rushing water, deep tides, birds,  sandy wooded paths, strange growths.
Wonderful shapes trap the sunlight and delight the senses.

When I first came here it was a secret, sacred place.
I learned much about how to see here. 
Sadly it has been discovered and is getting spoiled.


Film Series – Black & White (2000-2010)
Film Series – Color  (2000-2010)

“Freed’s images are seductive enough to encourage our psychological projection to the scenes he offers for contemplation‚Ķ (he) looks over, under and through nature when he is composing his images. ”
Mark Ormond, Pelican Press


Digital Series – 1 (2011-Present)
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Digital Series – 2 (2011-Present)
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“Freed is a patient master of form.”
Boston Globe



Photography © Justin Freed