Art on The Marquee

Two recent works by Justin Freed – Waters of Life and Child’s Play that were commissioned for Art on The Marquee.

Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority have teamed up to create “Art on the Marquee, an ongoing project to commission public media art for display on the new 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee outside the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in South Boston. The largest urban screen in New England, this unique digital canvas is one of the first of its kind in the U.S. to integrate art alongside commercial and informational content as part of the MCCA’s longstanding neighborhood art program.


Childs’s Play, Art On The Marquee 2017

These spontaneous drawings created on my iPad erupt from a mirthful and meditative place within me.They are made in a joyful, searching spirit by a child who teaches me how to live. He takes my delight in abstraction, animation, humor and fantasy and somehow draws it out of me. It has become a daily practice of discovery. Kudos to my editor James Manning for telling my story in just the right way.


Waters of Life, Art On The Marquee 2016

In November, 2015 I created a multi-panel tv screen and video projection environment at Galatea Fine Art called “The Waters of Life: A Refuge.”The bodies of water and waterfalls for this piece were filmed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I have chosen elements from these shoots for my marquee application. It has been a long time goal to have my work transition from two dimensional displays to three dimensional, sculptural pieces. 
For me, this is an ideal presentation of the beauty and power of water, one of the planets’s essential elements.